Patient Information

Dear Patient,

Your physician has ordered a sleep study for you. This study consists of having electrodes and sensors attached to your body. You will not be poked or prodded during the course of the sleep study. The electrodes are used monitor sleep stages, breathing, oxygen level, awakenings, heart rate, snoring and body positions.

Take your medications the way you normally do unless your physician has instructed you otherwise. You need to bring any medications that you normally take with you. You may also want to bring any nasal sprays or inhalers just in case. Most hospitals admit patients on an outpatient basis and will not be allowed to give you medications without a physician’s order. This includes aspirin or Tylenol. Please bring your own.

Please take a bath or shower on the day of the sleep study. Do not apply creams, lotions or make-up in the evening. You will be asked to remove any creams, lotions or make-up prior to having electrodes applied, as anything between the skin and the electrode will cause poor tracings. Men should be clean shaven unless they have a beard or mustache, as tape will not stick to stubble.

Do not eat or drink anything with caffeine after lunchtime the day of the sleep study. Caffeine may result in more awakenings during the evening. Also, refrain from drinking alcohol the day of the sleep study. Although alcohol may help a person go to sleep more quickly, it may also cause a person to wake up during the night. Keep in mind that with electrodes on, a person may not sleep as soundly as normal. Caffeine and or alcohol may add to this problem.

Please bring your own toiletries and sleepwear. Shorts and T-shirts seem to work best as electrodes will go on your chest and legs for monitoring and EKG and leg activity. You may want to bring your own pillow or anything you wish to make yourself more comfortable. You may also wish to bring along some reading material in case the TV doesn't work. You will be in a private room.

Our appointment times are at 8:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. If there are two patients scheduled, the first will arrive at 8:00 and the second patient will arrive at 9:00 p.m. Please, do not be late for these appointments. The technician may arrive earlier to get the equipment set up. The hospital may also require you to arrive earlier so that all paperwork may be completed.

For more information, see our General Information Page.